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If you’re looking for an employment lawyer in NJ, Wall & London LLC will be in your corner when you need us most. As leading employment lawyers in South Jersey, Wall & London serves clients with integrity and passion. We represent clients who have been wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, or retaliated against. We also help claimants who need help with every step of the unemployment application process, and also specialize in helping claimants who have been disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits. We can help clients review employment contracts to ensure that the fine print is in order and that your rights are protected. We also work with clients who need help with their small businesses, and wills and trusts.

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If you’re searching for employment lawyers in South Jersey, then look no further. As leading employment attorneys, we pride ourselves in treating each case with care, consideration, and special attention. These are qualities that only a small employment attorney in South Jersey can provide. Our high-quality team of law professionals is qualified to successfully resolve your legal matters. If you have a legal problem and need an NJ employment attorney, then our attorneys can help you find a solution.


Client Testimonials

  • “Ms. London exemplifies professionalism, compassion, and tenacity all while keeping a realistic perspective on her client’s needs for a successful outcome. Her unwavering commitment to me as her client through a very challenging time gave me the strength to continue forward with an extremely difficult case. Rachel never doubted the outcome would be in our favor and because of her exceptional qualities, experience and proficiency the end results were above and beyond what I could have hoped for.”


  • “I had the pleasure of working with Zach when I was wrongfully denied unemployment benefits twice. Zach will fight for you and your rights but he will not fight you. He is professional and knowledgeable and tough where and when he needs to be but friendly, kind and understanding with his clients which was very important to me. I recommended him to a few other people in my company that faced the same problem and we all had positive outcomes. I trust him completely and recommend him highly.”

    Jennifer H.

  • “My initial contact to Mr. Wall’s office was pleasant and since it was late afternoon on a Friday, I didn’t expect to talk to him until possibly Monday. He actually called me back that night after 5 p.m. and listened to me for close to an hour. This alone was refreshing and impressive! From the moment we began speaking, I knew that he was listening to me and was very interested in representing my case. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I was with…the overall treatment and service I received. He totally changed how I was feeling emotionally before he took on representation of my case. I am both proud and relieved to have been directed to him and highly recommend his services without reservation.”

    Denise S.

  • “Rachel was FANTASTIC!!! I quit a job, was awarded unemployment and have spent close to 3 years fighting not to have to pay it back. I hired Rachel over this past year, when it was clear that I needed legal representation. She went above and beyond to help me win the fight. She walked me through the process and got me through the bureaucracy. She was a ray of light in a very stressful situation. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone have similar issues.”

    Kim S.

  • “Rachel was an awesome lawyer and great advocate on my behalf. She was confident, thorough and competent working to ensure that I received what I deserved. She was honest, upfront and a straight shooter. She never let me believe that something was going to happen when it was not. If in another situation similar to my experience leading to hiring Rachel, I would absolutely hire her again.”

    Randy M.

  • “I was recommended to Rachel by the Bar Association and I have no regrets. She listened to my situation, took my case and basically held my hand throughout the entire process. Rachel I am truly grateful and thankful for your expertise in the matter, it was handled in the most professional way. I was no nervous in the beginning but you kept me grounded and focused. I would recommend you to anyone I know who is going through the same situation I have been through. Truly grateful!!!!”

    Althea B.

  • “I cannot emphasize enough how truly grateful I am! You have completely helped alleviate any uneasiness I had during this process. You have definitely exceeded any expectations I had. You are beyond efficient and thorough, always keeping us in the loop and I appreciate that.”

    Jessica D.

  • “For my wrongful termination case Ms. London clearly explained the process and what would happen every step of the way. She was easy to talk to and had all my best interests in the forefront the entire time. She was not only helpful but friendly and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Rachel London.”

    Autumn M.

  • “Mr. Wall settled my case in short time span and kept in contact with me every step of the way. Very…supportive through thick and thin. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of highly professional legal representation.”

    Kelsey P.

  • “When I applied for unemployment, I was denied…[so] I turned to Wall and London for help. I did so after my wife recommended them for helping her win a lawsuit for wrongful termination while out on a medical disability. After months of litigation and letter writing Zach Wall was not only able to win my case but also expose the dark underbelly of unemployment…Through [Zach’s] steadfast determination and relentless drive for honest outcomes, my case was overruled…and I began to receive not only my benefits but also back benefits from the time my claim was filed…In the end, I not only now have one of the greatest up and coming attorneys to work with on future issues but a trusted professional colleague that is willing to fight for the little guy when all hope seems to be lost.”

    Stephen I.

  • “I just spent the most engaging, informative … patient and kind 45 minutes on the phone with … Zachary Wall. Needless to say, I had a tremendous sense of urgency when I called, but he totally put me at peace.”

    David G.

  • “Zachary Wall, Esq…has assisted me on numerous occasions with labor/employment relations and personal business ventures. I highly recommend Mr. Wall to help with any of your needs. He breaks down complex legal terminology into a language that you can understand. Mr. Wall’s availability is outstanding.”

    Jenna E.

  • “I was recommended to Rachel from a personal friend and I am still thanking them. Rachel listened to all of my questions and I was completely relaxed knowing that every detail of my case was being handled properly.. A complete professional! Thanks again Rachel.”

    Jay G.

  • “I recently found myself on the wrong side of a corporate restructuring and downsizing. Rachel London reviewed my severance agreement and negotiated language that put me in a stronger position. My change in employment was made easier because of her advice and calm demeanor. She worked hard and I always felt that her billings were fair and justified. I walked away from the experience satisfied that I had made the right decision to pursue Rachel’s legal advice in this matter. I called Rachel again on a similar matter a few months later following my downsizing. Once again she was very quick to respond and was efficient in helping to resolve my issue. I would recommend Rachel to anyone faced with an employment or downsizing issue that requires legal advice.”

    William B.

  • “Zachary R. Wall, Esq. represented me for a lengthy case in which he was always cool, calm, and collected. Zach was also extremely patient and professional during the whole process; he always let me make my own decisions and gave me excellent advice. Zach always returned my phone calls or e-mails promptly and is an exceptional communicator. The day of my settlement went smoothly, due to Zach working effectively and efficiently. I would highly recommend Zach for your legal issues.”

    Jessica E.

  • “Mr. Wall goes above and beyond to fight for injustices taken against his clients. His professional and committed approach to his client’s cases is the epitome of what legal representation should be. His insight, experience and fortitude are what are required for winning any case. Zach exceeded my expectations and restored my faith in the legal system and in fighting for what is right. He was my champion and am and will continue to be grateful for his service for many years to come!”


  • “Zach maintained a can do attitude through my legal process. His fees are better than the majority of legal fees in our area. I did my home work before selecting his representation. He formulated a straight and direct plan to resolve my issue. We were successful in resolving my legal issues. I truly ask you when selecting a Attorney make sure you feel comfortable with them. Zach always answered his phone , when I called. He has made it priority to show up in court early. His lines of communication are always open. And best of all you save alot of $$$$$$$$ with him. Give him a chance to help you as he helped me. GOOD LUCK.”


  • “Without a doubt, Rachel and her law firm is where you will find honesty, integrity, professionalism and i would recommend them for all legal matters. Now, if Rachel and the firm can’t help, you can be assured you will be referred to an attorney to meet your needs. Rachel was there for me, she listened and answered all my questions and concerns regarding my case and now I am back to work.”

    Michael L.

  • “Rachel was phenomenal. I was told by another attorney that I had a weak case and I shouldn’t pursue my wrongful termination any further. I came to Rachel for representation, and not only did I have a case but she won it for me. I would highly recommend Rachel as she is very professional, knowledgeable, and an expert in her field.”

    Selina J.