Unemployment Claims & Appeals


If you are trying to navigate your way through the unemployment process, the attorneys at Wall & London LLC are here to help. If you were terminated, laid off, or even resigned from your job, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. The unemployment application and approval process can be daunting and seem stacked against the employee, which is why Wall & London LLC specializes in making the process easier for you and making your claim more likely for approval. Our attorneys can help you with your initial telephone hearing, with any subsequent appeals, or even just walk you through the application process.

Why You Should Consider Hiring an Attorney

You have the legal right to file an appeal if you believe your unemployment claim has been denied unjustly, and we can help you. We know that gathering the facts and knowing the applicable law to argue at your appeal hearings brings results. When hiring a professional to represent you, consider our firm of lawyers who specialize in unemployment law, provide personal attention to each client, and will work with you from start to finish.

Unemployment Benefits To Which You May Be Entitled

You may be eligible for unemployment benefits if you were terminated through no fault of your own, if you were laid off for lack of work, or even if you resigned for good cause attributable to the work. Additionally, if you may also be eligible for partial unemployment benefits if you are currently working part-time, yet have been seeking full-time work. Additionally, if you are experiencing problems with your employer and are considering terminating your employment with this employer, you should seek professional counsel before resigning, as they can inform you of your rights. If you have already resigned, our attorneys can advise you of your remaining rights. No matter what your situation, our lawyers can investigate your eligibility and determine if you have a case to receive unemployment benefits. Eliminate the challenge of filing for unemployment on your own, and hire our lawyers to review your claim or appeal today.

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