Whistleblower Protection

whistleblower protection

New Jersey has laws that protect workers who have courageously blown the whistle on improper or illegal activity in their workplace. Bringing an activity to an employer’s attention, or refusing to participate in conduct that the employee believes violates a law, rule, or regulation, is protected under New Jersey’s Contentious Employee Protection Act (CEPA). Since the average worker is the eyes and ears of every company, their boots-on-the-ground vantage point can prove pivotal when trying to hold an employer accountable and compliant with the laws. Common laws that are violated are OSHA (safety laws), consumer fraud laws, wage and hour laws, and more.

With the protection of this law in New Jersey, employees should feel comfortable calling out illegal treatment or business practices, but it is still wise to consult with an attorney before making a complaint in order to approach it the correct way. Although it is your legal right to make complaints about discrimination, harassment, violations of laws, and other unlawful conduct you face in the workplace, employers still often break the law by retaliating against a whistleblower. If your employer retaliates against you by firing you, harassing you, demoting you, or making your working conditions so miserable that you are forced to quit, then your rights may have been violated and you may have a case for whistleblower retaliation. The only way to bring your case and pursue a positive outcome is through working with a law firm that is experienced in handling whistleblower cases. At South Jersey’s Wall & London LLC law firm, we specialize in employment cases like these and have obtained positive results for other courageous employees who have stood up to their law-breaking employers. These are the people who make the workplace better for the rest of us, and Wall & London LLC is here to help.

New Jersey’s Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) and Law Against Discrimination protect employees who blow the whistle on, object to, or refuse to participate in the unlawful activities of the employer, or complain about discrimination. Employees are also protected from retaliation for taking family or medical leave or for filing a workers’ compensation claim. For those in New Jersey who have been unlawfully retaliated against by their employer, Wall & London LLC can help you aggressively, expertly, and confidently pursue justice.

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