Workplace Harassment and Bullying

workplace harassment

Few people go to work in the morning and expect to be subjected to workplace harassment or bullying. Unfortunately, this happens all too often, and employees may find themselves dreading going to work and feeling lost.

Harassment other than sexual harassment is actionable when a severe action occurs or a hostile work environment is created due to an employee’s race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or another protected trait. At the Wall & London LLC law firm in South Jersey, our attorneys feel that this type of discrimination is unacceptable and want to be in your corner to help if this is happening to you. To be actionable under the law, the bullying or harassment must be the result of discrimination or whistleblowing retaliation. If you are being harassed, you may have a cause of action under New Jersey law, and you should contact us to discuss your options. Wall & London can also offer representation in cases involving whistleblowers or other retaliation.

Unfortunately, bullying in general, such as being picked on, made to feel uncomfortable, or other unpleasant conduct is not against the law unless it is discriminatory or retaliatory. If you feel that you are being bullied at work, you can call us to discuss your options.

If your harassment and bullying is due to discrimination or retaliation, however, you should not be subjected to this treatment and you should call us right away. Earlier is always better when it comes to contacting an attorney so we can make sure that your rights are protected and you do not do anything to sabotage your employment or potential case. At Wall & London LLC, which is based in Haddonfield and serves clients from across South Jersey, we know that this type harassment occurs in the workplace on a daily basis. If you’re ready to stand up and defend yourself, let Wall & London serve as your legal representation.

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